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ONE OK ROCK has announced they will be inviting their fans to an open call for music video submissions for their brand-new single “Broken Heart of Gold”. Show us your version of the “Broken Heart of Gold” music video by submitting it through our specialized website. Any entrant from any background is welcome to submit their work in any video style (live ac-tion, lyric video, motion graphics etc.) All entries will be reviewed by the ONE OK ROCK members and staff, and the winning entrant will receive 500,000 Yen cash prize as well as have their video posted on ONE OK ROCK’s YouTube channel as the official music video for “Broken Heart of Gold” for the entire world to watch.

How to apply

Scroll down to the bottom of the specialized website and click the “ENTRY” button, which will take you to an external Microsoft forms page. Fill in all the information required in the entry form. Use an online storage service of your choice to upload the media data that meet the video file requirements listed below to generate a download URL (please do not pass-word protect the file). Double check that you meet all the requirements and click the “Send” button to complete your submission.
The “ENTRY” button will only appear after the entry period begins.

Entry period

2021. June.1st 12:00AM JST -
2021. June.30th 12:00AM JST

Video file requirements

MP4/Video codec of H.264/Less than 500MB/Aspect ratio of 16:9

Video Length

Must be 4 minutes and 13 seconds long

”Best video” winner announcement

The winning music video will be announced on the specialized website around early July 2021. The date of announcement and content of contest are subject to change without no-tice. Please note that we will only contact the entrant of the winning music video. Unselect-ed entrants will not be notified individually.

How we will use the music video entries

・We plan to select a few entries to post either the video or image from the video on our spe-cialized website and Warner Music Japan’s social media account. Please note that the en-trants will not be contacted in advance, and the date of posting, location of posting, and chosen thumbnail shall be solely determined by Warner Music Japan.

・If your video is selected as the winning piece of work, it will be shared globally on ONE OK ROCK’s YouTube channel for an indefinite period. In addition, the video will be used by ONE OK ROCK and Warner Music Japan’s official social media accounts for the single’s pro-motion and advertisements, as well as by applicable media to use, broadcast, edit, and post on their website with no compensation to the entrant or any third parties.

・Please note that upon uploading the video, Warner Music Japan shall be entirely entrusted to edit the video and audio as needed.

Entry guidelines

・Limited to one submission per entrant.
・The submitted work must be an original work that has not been submitted to any other contests (this includes on-going applications).
・Please ensure that you abide by copyright law. If the submitted work features any person or any copyrighted material (painting, photos, artworks etc.), you shall be responsible to obtain all necessary permissions and authorization from every person featured in the video and the owners of the copyright or other intellectual property rights to the copyrighted ma-terials portrayed therein. Entrants agree to fully indemnify Warner Music Japan, its parents and affiliates, and ONE OK ROCK from and bear all responsibility for any third-party com-plaints or objections concerning copyright or other intellectual-property right infringement or damages arising from submitted works.
・The entrant is prohibited from doing dangerous acts or acts of public nuisance during video production.
・Works that include one or more of the following items will not be accepted
- Content intended for advertisement and/or solicitation, such as promotion of companies, products, services, political purposes, religious solicitation, etc.
- Content that can be associated to religion and politics
- Content that infringes the property, privacy, human rights, etc. of a third party
- Content that defames a third party, or discriminates, slanders, or threatens a third party
- Content that leads to or encourages crime and any unlawful acts
- Content that is offensive to public order or morality, such as rants and obscene expres-sions
- Any other content that Warner Music Japan deems inappropriate
・You must bear all costs (cost of video production, cost of application) incurred by entering the contest (includes communication charges).
・If you are legally a minor in your residing country, please apply after obtaining consent of your guardian.
・There will be no compensation (including performance fees) to you or any other third party regarding the entry and use of this work.
・The submitted work shall not be posted or released in public until the winner of the “best video” is announced.
・If the submitted work is selected as the winning piece of work, you agree to unconditionally assign and transfer any and all rights (including the rights provided for in Article 27 and Article 28 of the Copyright Law of Japan) in the submitted work to Warner Music Japan. You will not be able to post or release the submitted video yourself without Warner Music Japan’s prior consent.
・All processing of personal data collected throughout the project will be conducted in ac-cordance with the principles set out in our privacy policy. To learn more, please see our Privacy Policy
・This contest will be interpreted in accordance with the laws of Japan.
・Entering this contest constitutes agreement to the terms and conditions stated herein and the entry guidelines listed above. In the unlikely event of a dispute, the Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive first instance jurisdiction for all disputes arising regarding this contest.


Your work should be entirely original. The use of any contents from Rurouni Kenshin and/or the use of any contents from ONE OK ROCK is also NOT acceptable. PLEASE READ THE ENTRY GUIDELINES CAREFULLY BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR APPLICATION.